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Gordon Films UK was formed in 1995 to produce the award-winning television documentary The Colours Of Infinity, presented by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, written by Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon, with music by David Gilmour on the discovery of the Mandelbrot Set and the development of Fractal Geometry. Colours has been broadcast in over forty territories world-wide.

Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon


Nigel Lesmoir-GordonNigel began writing while still a student and published poems and short stories in the UK, the USA and France. Nigel formed his first production company, Green Back Films in 1976, and worked for Donovan, Pink Floyd, 10cc, Squeeze, Rainbow, Joe Cocker, Big Country, Wings, Paul Nicholas and Leo Sayer.

He later joined the creative team at the Central Office of Information, writing and directing for the international TV documentary series This Week in Britain and Living Tomorrow. His work includes an acclaimed series of films for the UK's Royal Air Force, Saving The Children, The Bobby Charlton Story and the series Whatever You Want for the UK's Channel Four.

Beyond the success of the three major fractal documentaries, Nigel has produced educational DVDs, written books on fractal geometry, and directed his first feature film, Remember A Day.

Daisy Graham


Daisy GordonDaisy has over 15 years experience in corporate, commercial and broadcast video. She contributed to Gordon Film's award-winning fractal productions, and recently won an award from the British Association of Communications in Business for her production Hugs.

Daisy is experienced in managing all aspects of production from briefings, treatment-writing, client liaison, budget planning and fitting the right technical and production teams to the right job, negotiating best prices, staying within budget, hands-on management of the shoot, through to post-production.

Gabriel Lesmoir-Gordon

Script And Picture Editor

Gabriel Lesmoir-GordonGabriel is a highly respected video editor with over 15 year's experience, cutting a wide variety of TV programmes including light entertainment, sports, news, music and documentaries. He has post-produced several broadcast documentaries for Channel Four and international clients.

He recently completed the filming and production of Brixton Beach, a documentary commissioned by Lambeth Council about life at the London skate park.

Gabriel is involved in our productions at an early stage, working closely on the scripting and structuring of our productions and planning the shoots.

Bill Rood


Bill RoodBill was awarded Senior Optime in mathematics by the University of Cambridge, and received his MA there in 1992 for work on transfinite set theory.

He is the creator of Naturevision, a powerful graphics package with a strong educational element, with which he has produced graphics for science documentaries and publications around the world. Bill's fractal animations have featured in Channel 4's Equinox, as well as pop videos by artists such as The Infinity Project, Mike Scott and Star Sounds Orchestra.

John Tate


John TateAfter an English degree at Cambridge, John encountered Tibetan refugees on a visit to India. He spent some years working in Tibetan refugee camps and schools in India, fund-raising, helping plan rehabilitation projects and teaching English, whilst researching Tibetan history, art and culture. His book on Tibetan painting is currently under publication.

He has since worked on the overnight publication of the UK parliamentary Hansard, and completed a Fine Art BA at Middlesex University (1995) and an MA in Fine Art printmaking at Camberwell College, London, (2002).

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