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The Keeper Of The Faith

A voyage of self-discovery, violent bloody combat, romance, betrayal and redemption. Vietnam 1968. A US Marine platoon, led by Tristram, 8th Earl of Oundle, is choppered into the wrong jungle location and left outside radio range, face to face with The Vietcong. The ensuing relentless frenzy of death and destruction carries Tristram to India, into a Benedictine monastery and finally to remotest Scotland in his search for truth, salvation and love.

Life Is Just...

Cambridge 1962. Life is Just… is the story of a 'perfect' family's fall from grace and its redemption. The father, Freddy, is a college Senior Tutor and he is homophobic. The mother, Mary, is a dominated, loving, full-time mother. The Grandmother, Grace, is banged up in a mental hospital permanently. She is a bipolar. Their daughter, Lauren, bonds with her grandmother and experiments with drugs. Of their twin sons, Dominic and Mark: Dominic travels to India to find a guru and spiritual insight. Mark is a scientist and, like his father, a devout atheist. He cannot understand or find any respect for Dominic. Freddy is an alcoholic and is severely injured in a car crash, which he is responsible for. The family falls apart.

A Glass Of Two Milks

This story is set in 2030. It continues the gripping, roller-coaster saga of writer John Smith, the beautiful mathematician Susie Bellavista and battle-hardened Biro as once again they have to wage war with Tigran Gevorkian, diving right into the eye of the storm as they take on the New World Order Movement. 2030 is a high-tech utopian world, but one that is still subject to all the usual human failings - lust, anger, greed, attachment and egotism. Will the team succeed? Be prepared for some surprises.


From Prison 6 to 737 Captain

TIBOR VÁSÁRHELYI was born in 1954 in Budapest. Early on in his life he developed a passion for drumming and later on played in several bands. After his father's death at the age of 12, he and his mother, Róza, emigrated to Israel. He served his three years in the army in the Military Police as a prison guard, throughout which his drumming continued but to make progress he decided to move to the UK. His efforts to succeed in the music business did not bear fruit and he learned to fly, later became an instructor and eventually qualified as a commercial airline pilot fulfilling this second dream and ending up as a Captain with Maersk Air and later on with bmibaby. He is married to Libby and they have a son called Jody. He changed his name to January. His life has been an extraordinary journey - exciting, rich and varied.

Nothing and Everywhere

A Moral Tale

In this comic thriller, John Smith, an unpublished and regrettably named novelist, has his computer stolen and with it the only copy of his latest novel. Despite fear of his guru’s disapproval, John mysteriously acquires two handguns, a load of cash and a crack team to reclaim his work. Together with a beautiful, enigmatic mathematical genius, Susie Bellavista, a Hungarian ex-RAF Regiment sergeant, Biro, and one-time activist and fellow-failed writer, March Klossowski, John explores the power and wonder of numbers in an attempt to solve an imponderable, real life mystery. Where will this whirlwind adventure lead? Back up your files and enjoy the ride!

Introducing Fractals

A Graphic Guide

Fractal Geometry is the geometry of the natural world. It mirrors the uneven but real shapes of nature, the world as we actually experience it, unlike the idealised forms of Euclidean geometry. We see fractals everywhere. Indeed, we are fractal! Using computers, fractal geometry can make precise models of physical structures - from ferns, arteries and brains to galaxies. Fractal Geometry is a new language. Once you are able to speak it, you can describe the shape of a cloud as precisely as an architect can describe a house. Introducing Fractals traces the development of this revolutionary new discipline.

The Colours Of Infinity

The Beauty and Power of Fractals

The groundbreaking documentary, introduced by Arthur C. Clarke, has been shown in over 50 countries around the world. Ten years ago it brought the subject of fractals to the attention of the general public for the first time. The contributors to the film are joined in this comprehensive survey of the fractal theory and practice by some other leading experts in the field.

The book features contributions from Arthur C. Clarke, Professor Benoit Mandelbrot, Professor Michael Barnsley, Gary Flake, David Pennock, Will Rood and Professor Ian Stewart.

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