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The Colours Of Infinity

Colours celebrates the discovery of the Mandelbrot Set - one of the most profound and remarkable events in the history of mathematics. The programme explores the revolutionary world of Fractal Geometry - its far-reaching and often unexpected implications - its powerful and revolutionary applications. Music is by David Gilmour of Pink Floyd.

Colours is presented by Sir Arthur C. Clarke, author of 2001 and the inventor of the Geostationary Satellite. From his adopted home in Sri Lanka, Sir Arthur leads us on a voyage of exploration into the strange and stunningly beautiful universe of the infinite Mandelbrot Set and to an understanding of the simple process that leads to its creation. He takes us on into the world of Fractal Geometry, showing the breadth and depth of the radical new ideas of today's Fractal Geometers.

Sir Arthur introduces contributions from Benoît Mandelbrot, who tells the story of his discovery and of the effect it has had on him and on the world. Ian Stewart, author of Does God Play Dice? and head of the Maths Department at Warwick University, adds his deep insights into the Mandelbrot Set and the beautifully simple equation that gives birth to it. Michael Barnsley, Fractal Geometer, of Iterated Systems, Atlanta Georgia, developer of Fractal compression and enhancement techniques, shows how he puts the new Geometry to work. The legendary Stephen Hawking also puts in a brief, but notable, appearance!

Colours has thus far been broadcast in over twenty territories world-wide, including  in the UK - on Channel Four.

Is God A Number?

Colours was followed with Is God A Number? This television documentary looks at the mystery of consciousness and some remarkable discoveries that have recently been made in mathematics.

For centuries, astronomers and mathematicians have gazed in awe and wonder at the heavens, seeking to discover if there's a master plan. From the finite to the infinite, from the smallest sub-atomic particles to the entirety of the universe in which we live, there is evidence of the work of a master mathematician.

Examining in depth the power and the limits of mathematics to explain and describe the world in which we live, this programme asks if one can compress and retrieve pictorial images in the interactive world, can one also use mathematics to describe the world around us?

Michael Barnsley, Roger Penrose and John Polkinghorne, three of the world's most renowned mathematicians use nature and exciting computer generated graphics to bring this whole concept to the viewer in a fascinating review of current thinking and leave us wondering if, indeed, the creation of the world itself was "mathematical".

Clouds Are Not Spheres

Following the sucess of these two works we have recently completed a biographical broadcast documentary on the life and work of the mathematician, Benoît Mandelbrot.

Professor Benoît Mandelbrot has led an extraordinarily rich and varied life. Full of twists and turns, his career has very much paralleled and reflected powerful aspects of the new geometry, which he has discovered.

Fractal geometry is the geometry of nature, of familiar and apparently random forms like trees, coastlines, rivers, and lightning. With fractal geometry, Benoît Mandelbrot has given us a new language for use throughout the sciences. Fractal geometry has a powerful and enlightening effect on most people who come across it. This new language is changing our lives.

In this documentary, hosted by Martin Shaw, Benoît Mandelbrot tells his story in his own unique style, supported by interviews with a dozen contributors, including Nobel Laureate Professor Ivar Giaever.

Fractals Compilation

For the first time ever on one DVD, three brilliant films on science, mathematics and the observable universe!

Colours Of Infinity, presented by Arthur C. Clarke with music by David Gilmour, delves into the world of the Mandelbrot set and fractal geometry; a simple formula with amazing uses in all branches of science, medicine, computer graphics, weather reporting and analysis, geography and even economics.

Clouds Are Not Spheres tells the story of the life and work of Benoit Mandelbrot. A great innovator and discoverer of the Mandelbrot set and fractal geometry, Mandelbrot is a highly regarded maverick mathematician.

Is God A Number?, presented by Michael Barnsley and featuring Sir Roger Penrose, is a facinating account of the science of mathematics and an exploration of the links between mathematics, the mind and consciousness.

Find more information at www.bluedolphinfilms.com.

Mandelbrot's World Of Fractals

This informative and entertaining DVD production runs for one hour and is modular in structure. The audience for the DVD are high school teachers and students in the USA. The project was funded by the NSF through Yale University with the aim of inspiring and encouraging teachers to use fractal geometry as part of their courses.

The DVD divides into two parts. The first concentrates on the basic ideas of fractals, and the second on the presence of fractals in our world.

Brixton Beach

Go for a surf, or just sit on the beach.

Watch the trailer on Youtube.

Thirty years ago Lambeth Council commissioned the construction of the biggest skateboard and BMX Park
in London. It was popular then and is still popular now.

Apart from being a haven for local residents, it is visited by enthusiasts from all over the world, and is highly valued by users and spectators alike. Often as many as fifty people use the park at the same time. There is plenty of room for everyone and all are made welcome.

In this DVD we study the art and skills involved and talk to skateboarders and BMXers about why they love it here.

There Is An Ocean

Donovan, with John Candy Carr & Mike Thomson

An inviting, true-life Donovan adventure with music and poetry.

This 1970s documentary finds the pop-star prince cruising the Greek Isles on his yacht, accompanied by family friends and his OPEN ROAD band.

Manchester United The Inside Story

A unique behind the scenes view.

Here we go! For the first time we take you behind the scenes at Manchester United, the best known football club in the world.

Follow the united stars through a training session as they prepare for a big game. See how they relax away from the pressures of modern day football. Travel on board the Manchester United team coach and see how Alex Ferguson and his backroom staff prepare for an important fixture.

Join the players for the pre-match meal and in their hotel rooms. Eavesdrop on a board meeting at Old Trafford and hear from the men who make United tick. Chief Executive Martin Edwards talks about plans for the future. Director Bobby Charlton remembers the great days of the '50s and '60s. Manager Alex Ferguson moves into the transfer market to sign new players.

You'll see another side of Manchester United when we visit the Centre of Excellence and talk to the youngsters who are aiming for the top, discover how the club's scouting system works and look in on a special dinner in Old Trafford's Executive Suite.

The Inside Story takes you where cameras have never gone before to offer you a unique souvenir of your favourite club. All that plus top action from United games.

The Bobby Charlton Story

England's all-time top goalscorer.

There are few people alive more famous than Bobby Charlton. From Newcastle to New Guinea, everybody knows him, not just as Manchester United's and England's record goalscorer, but as the scorer of some of the most sensational goals ever.

In this action-packed video, Bobby takes you through his incredible life story and looks back at many of the most spectacular moments of his career.

From his humble family upbringing through to the glory of the Busby Babes, the 1966 World Cup and 1968 European Cup triumphs, it's a remarkable success story.

Also included are tributes from Sir Matt Busby, Denis Law and Bobby Robson.

The True Story of a footballing genius.

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