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Remember A Day

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Finally committed to film in 2000, after being in development for a few years, this film, which has developed a strong cult status, is finally receiving a release on DVD to a potentially wider audience.

The creators of this film, producer and lead actor Darryl Read, and writer Bernard White, famed Syd Barrett afficionado, have managed to involve a number of people who knew Barrett and were key members of the sixties "scene" - Peter Jenner, Jenny Fabian, Nigel Lesmoir-Gordon (who shot the footage that became "Syd's First Trip"), and Richard Wright, amongst others. Wright's main contribution was to give the rights to "Remember A Day", for Darryl and Bernard to use on the soundtrack - and also provided a very rare instrumental version which appears over the end titles!

Darryl has a long, diverse career, with extensive work on stage, screen and television. A member of the first punk band (Crushed Butler in 1969!), he has been working recently with Ray Manzarek of The Doors. He has a striking resemblance to Marc Bolan - whom he has performed as in a tribute, fittingly. Read draws on his career for some of the ideas and situations portrayed.

The film itself is concerned with relating the story of Roger Bannerman, reclusive rock star from the late sixties, and the obsessed fan who "stalks" Roger and eventually kidnaps him. Roger is part Syd, part Darryl and part "typical rock star".

The Mysterious Michael A

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A ten minute experimental film starring Nicholas Jones and Joanna Bowen.

Michael takes a room for 28 days in a provincial Bed and Breakfast run by Margaret Robertson. She is delighted by her good fortune. Michael works on a book day and night, but leaves secretly and without paying. Margaret is distraught until she finds that he has left her his manuscript, which turns out to be very valuable. Margaret’s life is transformed. Michael is last seen at another B&B going through the same routine.

The Internet Home

"The Networked House is a new project undertaken by Cisco in partnership with Laing Homes. The project aims to network an entire house from scratch in order to show the benefits of personal networking. The overlying theme of this project is to illustrate how the Internet is changing the way we work, live, play and learn."

Cast: Steve Edwin, Helen Kvale, Matthew Thomas, Hayley Griffiths.

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