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Research • Scripting • Budget • Shooting • Editing • Distribution

Whether it be a music video, sales or promotional media, training, drama, or a documentary, we provide a personal service and tackle the most technical and sensitive topics creatively. We tailor our skills to meet your needs and to fit your budget.

research and scripting

We have experienced producers and writers on the team, who will take a brief, research the topic, and get right to the essence of what it is you want to communicate. We will then produce a treatment for discussion, followed by the full shooting script. This phase also informs choices such as musical style, graphics, presentation and voice-over, what medium to shoot on, and production schedule.

Recce, crew and casting

If your production requires location shooting, the director and producer will organise locations and decide on the crewing requirements. Music and graphics production will be commissioned. Any featured actors or presenters will also be decided upon with your full involvement.


The shoot could be anything from a simple three-man unit to a full drama crew with caterers, helicopters, stunt-men and stars. The shoot could be on location in Milton Keynes or in Marrakech, or in a studio.

Our crews are chosen for their dedication and good humour. Like us, our crews will all have had experience in broadcast, in TV drama, in commercials, in music videos and in corporate productions.

Post Production

Our editors will produce a rough cut for your approval. An additional voice recording will take place at this point. Once the edit is approved we perform more detailed sound mixing, colour correction and visual effects as necessary. Finally we will master your production.

To find out more about how we can help with your project, please contact us.

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