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Syd Barrett's First Trip

It was late summer in 1966 when Syd Barrett first tripped on magic mushrooms while film student friend Nigel Gordon captured the moment on standard 8 film. You better believe it. Syd Barrett’s first trip, as fate would have it, recorded for future generations of fans. Even before his days in Pink Floyd, Syd had that star quality. It’s fair to say that life would never be the same for Syd after that day in the Gog Magog Hills outside Cambridge.

The second part of the video captures another key moment in Pink Floyd history. Shot outside Abbey Road Studios in April of 1967, Pink Floyd have just signed their first EMI recording contract.

The film footage is silent as is the original 8mm film. The video is a must for any fan of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd.

Infinit - The Journey

Watch this film at Google Video.

This half-hour film explores the visual beauty of the Mandelbrot set in all its infinite complexity to music by The Infinity Project and Total Eclipse.

The deep beauty and stunning consistency, which we discover at every level of the infinite vistas of the apparent chaos of the Mandelbrot set, reminds us of life itself. Maybe this is why the Mandelbrot set has come to be known as 'the thumbprint of God'. The baby Mandelbrot set seeds, which we find buried deep in the set, are not identical. Superficially alike, they are like animals and humans seen from a distance - each different when seen close to. Looking closer at these minute shapes, endless different patterns appear. There are spirals and tendrils like the finest gossamer, each precisely formed. These curlicues look, not so much like crystal structures as plants, which have grown with a regularity amounting to perfection. Some resemble the tails of sea-horses, elephants’ trunks, compound insect eyes and yet others like spiralling sea-shells or the petals of some intricate flower.

It’s astonishing that a simple 3-digit formula, when processed in a computer, can create an entity of infinite complexity. No matter how far we dive into the Mandelbrot set on the computer, we will never reach the end of it, nor will it ever cease to create for us more patterns, more structures, more intricate pictures!

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